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How to Turn off Pop Up Blocker on Mac?

All users of Mac computers will get remarkable benefits and feel confident to recommend this computer operating system to like-minded people in their network.  As a user of the Mac computer, you get pop-up ads every time you use the Internet.

A pop-up blocker is designed to prevent annoying ads from interrupting every user while visiting a page. Almost every user of an ad and pop-up blocker gets different benefits and makes their wishes about hassle-free Internet usage come true.

The majority of browsers in our time let basic pop-up blocking facility enabled by default. If you require disabling the pop-up blocker in your Mac computer to open a login screen, print something, or get access to details in the pop up window, then you can concentrate on how to turn off pop-up blocker on Mac right now.

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Enable pop ups on Mac  

New and regular users of the Mac computers nowadays understand and keep in mind that the modern web is really a distraction disaster. This is because all websites they visit want them to subscribe to newsletters, buy something, or overload them with ads. Almost every call-to-action online in our time is done via pop ups. Once you have planned to get rid of these invasive kinds of notifications, you can use the pop up blocker.

Most browsers have facilities to stop pop ups and enable its protection by default. Popup blockers do a good job. However, you may come across any website which requires its users to interact with its popup. This is because such pop-up acts as a gateway to an age verification input screen, a payment confirmation, or a public Wi-Fi connection. In such situation, you have to turn off the pop up blocker on your Mac computer.

Manage Safari popup blocker    

Safari is Apple’s well-known graphical web browser based on the WebKit engine. This web browser is a good and favourite option for almost every user of the Mac computer. Users of the Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 can also download and install the Safari web browser.  They must remember that Apple no longer develops this browser for the Windows OS.

If you are a user of the Windows computer and willing to use the Safari, then you can access only the old version of Safari for your computer. You can focus on the following details explaining how to open Safari pop up blocker.

  • Choose Safari in the menu and choose Preferences
  • Choose the Website tab
  • Click on Pop-up Windows
  • Open the dropdown for any active website
  • Choose from options Block, Notify, or Allow
  • Open the dropdown for “When visiting other websites”
  • Choose from the same option

If the Safari popup blocker works, then it shows a tiny red notification in the address bar. You can click on this notification and access the choice to view the blocked window. You can check the blocked popup once and avoid the need to tweak any Safari pop up blocker settings.

Do not forget that any alteration to the blocker does not have to be permanent by any means. You can switch Block to Allow on your website in the Safari popup blocker and reset again when you are done. You must remember that the same websites tab in this browser let users to control their microphone, sound, camera, content blockers, notifications, and other things.

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Enable popup blocker on the Chrome browser

Users of the Chrome on the Mac computer can turn off the pop up blocker with no complexity and delay.  They can focus on the following details and get the absolute assistance.

In Chrome browser, choose the three-line icon and go to Tools and choose Settings

  • Click Show Advanced Settings
  • Choose Privacy > Content Settings
  • Choose Pop-ups header
  • Enable or disable the pops-up blocker by using the radio button
  • Click Manage Exceptions for specifying which websites are allowed to open pop-up windows

Easy-to-understand details about how to turn off the popup blocker in your Mac computer give you enough assistance on time and increase your curiosity to follow guidelines to let popup appear while using the browser every time.

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