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How to Transfer iCloud Photos to Google Photos?

Google Photos is a popular photo-sharing as well as storage service of Google. It stores unlimited photos and videos up to 16MP and 1080 pixels resolutions respectively. However, the iCloud Photo is an outstanding service designed to keep the overall photos and videos in sync across the overall Apple devices.

Almost every user of iCloud is happy as they store and access photos and videos across all their devices. They reap benefits from the iCloud storage and the hassle-free method to manage their iCloud Photos.  You may have planned to transfer your iCloud Photos to Google Photos at this time. You can focus on the following details and make a good decision to get the desired benefits.

The main things to do at first

If you are willing to transfer photos and videos from iCloud to Google Photos, then you have to make certain the following.

  • You use iCloud Photos for storing all your photos and videos with the Apple
  • Your Apple Identification uses the 2-factor authentication
  • You have a Google Account for using the Google Photos
  • Your Google Account has sufficient storage accessible to complete the photo transfer process

You have to be mindful that not all your iCloud photos will be transferred to Google Photos when the Google account runs out of space during such data transfer process. You may add, delete, or update content subsequent to the data transfer process starts or your content is still uploading. In this situation, such changes or additions may not be included in the data transfer.

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A simple process  

As a beginner to the process of data transfer from the iCloud Photos to Google Photos on online, you may get confused at first. You can focus on the following details explaining step by step process of transferring the iCloud Photos to Google Photos.

  • Access the Apple’s Data and Privacy log in page
  • Login with the Apple ID in which you wish to transfer your iCloud Photos and Videos from
  • Under the option “Transfer a copy of your data”, choose “Request to transfer a copy of your data”
  • Select Google Photos from the dropdown menu as the target of the data transfer
  • Choose when you want to move images, videos
  • Confirm that you have sufficient storage on your Google Photos side
  • Login into the Google account in which you like to transfer your iCloud content
  • Let Apple to add photos and videos to the Google Photos account
  • Double-check all your details
  • Choose the button “Confirm Transfer”

You may think about how long the process of photos transfers from the iCloud Photos to Google Photos take place. Apple revealed that this process takes between three to seven days. You will receive the data transfer confirmation email after it has transferred. All users of the Apple’s devices have to keep in mind that Google is the one and only participating partner for the transfer of the iCloud Photos.

As compared to manually downloading and moving your data to any service you wish, you can choose and use this smart option for the data transfer and get an array of benefits. You will get 100% satisfaction from an easy way to use this option and be encouraged to suggest it to likeminded users of the iCloud Photos and Google Photos.

Individuals who have lots of photos and videos stored in their cloud service like the Google Photos or iCloud get some difficulties while downloading the maximum gigabytes of such photos and videos and uploading them to another service. This is because this data transfer needs the maximum time and storage space and high-speed Internet connection.

If the Internet service provider has a data cap, then you may get much difficulty to transfer a large collection of your photos and videos from the iCloud to Google Photos.  As a user of the iCloud Photos, you can make the switch to Google Photos with no complexity in any aspect. This is because a free tool of the Apple now lets users of the iCloud Photos to transfer their photos and videos to Google Photos.

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