Best Mozilla Firefox Extensions

Mozilla Firefox is considered to be the most functional browser, in which there is enormous scope for advanced users to make fine adjustments. However, if any functionality is missing from the browser, it can be easily obtained through the use of plugins.

Firefox extensions are miniature programs that are incorporated into Mozilla Firefox that add new functions to the browser. Today we are going to consider the most interesting and useful extensions for Mozilla Firefox that will make using the browser as comfortable and productive as possible.

Adblock Plus

Let’s start, perhaps, with the most important of the add-ons: the ad blocker.

Today, the Internet is without exaggeration full of ads, and on many sites it is quite intrusive. So if you use a simple Adblock Plus plugin, you will get rid of all kinds of ads for free.


Another powerful browser add-on for blocking ads on the Internet. Adguard has a great interface, as well as the active support of developers, which allows you to successfully fight against all kinds of ads.


Recently, more and more users are facing the problem of inaccessibility of some site because the resource has been blocked by the ISP and the system administrator.

The friGate plugin allows you to unblock web resources by connecting to a proxy server, but it does it delicately: thanks to a special algorithm, only blocked sites will connect to the proxy server. Unlocked resources will not be affected.

Browsec VPN

Another plugin to access blocked sites that is as simple as you can imagine: to activate the proxy work, just click on the plugin icon. Consequently, to disconnect from the proxy server, you will need to click the icon again, after which the Browsec VPN job will be suspended.

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Hello there

Hola is a combination of a Firefox add-on and software installed on your computer that will allow you to easily access blocked sites.

Unlike the first two solutions, Hello is a condition-free plugin. Thus, the free version has a limit on the number of countries that can be accessed, as well as a slight limitation on data speed.

However, in most cases, users will be satisfied with the free version of this solution.



ZenMate is also a free add-on for the Mozilla Firefox browser that will allow you to access blocked sites at any time.

Despite the fact that the plugin has a Premium version, the developers do not limit much to free users, so the plugin will be quite comfortable to use and without a monetary investment.


We complete our list with another plugin to access blocked sites.

The operation of the plugin is extremely simple: when you activate it, you will connect to a proxy server, which will allow you to access blocked sites. If you need to end your session with blocked sites, all you have to do is deactivate the plugin.


Another useful Mozilla Firefox browser add-on that allows access to blocked sites.

The plugin is distinguished by the fact that it does not have any data rate limitations, and it has a fairly extensive list of supported IP addresses from different countries.


The Ghostery plugin also aims to preserve anonymity, but it is not about accessing blocked sites, but about limiting the personal information of the critters that roam the Internet.

The fact is that the most popular companies place special bugs on many sites that collect all the information of interest about the visitors regarding their age, gender, personal information, as well as their browsing history and many other aspects.

The Ghostery plugin effectively fights internet bugs, so you can once again enjoy reliable anonymity.

User agent changer

This plugin will be useful both for website administrators who need to see how the site works for different browsers, and for users who have encountered problems with the operation of certain sites when using Mozilla Firefox.

The action of this plugin is that it hides the information of your real browser from the websites, replacing it with any alternative browser you choose.

A simple example: today, some websites can only function properly if you use the Internet Explorer browser. If you are a Linux user, this plugin is a real life saver. You cannot have Internet Explorer but you can make a site believe that you are sitting on it.

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The FlashGot plugin is one of the best tools for getting the ability to download audio and video files to your computer from sites that can exclusively play them online.

This plugin is characterized by stable performance, which allows you to download multimedia files from almost anywhere, as well as by great functionality, which allows you to fully customize the operation of FlashGot according to your needs.

Save to network

Unlike the FlashGot plugin, allows you to download audio and video files not from all websites, but only from the most popular web resources such as YouTube, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Instagram, etc. Developers periodically add support for new web services to expand the reach of

Video DownloadHelper.

Video DownloadHelper is a plugin for downloading multimedia files from almost any site where it is possible to play files online. A simple interface will allow you to instantly download all your favorite files to your computer.


iMacros is an indispensable complement to automate routine actions in Mozilla Firefox.

Suppose you have to regularly perform the same actions. When recording them with iMacros, the plugin will do them for you in a couple of clicks.

Yandex items

Yandex is known for a large number of popular and useful products, among which Yandex Elements deserves special attention.

This solution is a complete add-on package, the aim of which is both to comfortably use Yandex services in Mozilla Firefox and to provide productive web browsing (for example, with the help of visual bookmarks).

Speed ​​Dial

To facilitate quick access to your bookmarks, the Speed ​​Dial plugin has been implemented.

This plugin is a visual bookmark tool. The uniqueness of this add-on lies in the fact that it has a large number of settings in its arsenal, allowing you to fully customize the operation of speed dial according to your needs.

An added benefit is the sync feature, which will allow you to keep a backup of your Speed ​​Dial data and settings in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about the security of your visual markers.

Speed ​​Dial.

If you don’t need the plethora of features that the Speed ​​Dial plugin featured, then Fast Dial, a visual marker organizing plugin, but with an extremely simple interface and minimal features is worth a look.


The most important thing when working with the Mozilla Firefox browser is to guarantee total security.

The most problematic plugins that Mozilla developers plan to stop supporting are Java and Adobe Flash Player.

The NoScript plugin disables these plugins, thus closing two of the most important vulnerabilities in the Mozilla Firefox browser. If necessary, it is possible to set a whitelist of sites for which these plugins will be enabled.

LastPass password manager

Many users log into a large number of web resources, and many of them have to come up with their own unique password, if only to reduce the risk of being hacked.

The LastPass Password Manager plug-in is a cross-platform password storage solution that allows you to take into account only one password: that of the LastPass Password Manager service itself.

The rest of the passwords, on the other hand, will be stored in a secure and encrypted way on the servers of the service and may be automatically replaced at any time during the authorization of the site.

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RDS bar

The RDS bar is an add-on that webmasters will appreciate.

With the help of this plugin you can get complete SEO information about the site: its position in the search engines, the level of traffic, the IP address and much more.


If you are a regular user of the Vkontakte social network, then you should install the VkOpt plugin for Mozilla Firefox.

This add-on has in its arsenal a large number of scripts that allow to significantly expand the capabilities of the social network, adding to Vkontakte those functions that users could only dream of: instant cleaning of the wall and personal messages, downloading music and videos, changing sound notifications to your own, scrolling photos with the mouse wheel, deactivating ads and much more.

Self-completed forms

When we register on a new website we have to fill in the same information: name and password, name and surname, contact information and place of residence, etc.

Autofill Forms is a useful add-on for automatic form filling. You will have to fill in a similar form one last time in the plugin settings, and then all the data will be filled in automatically.


If, in addition to you, children use the Mozilla Firefox browser, it is important to limit the sites that young people are not recommended to visit.

Since it is not possible to block a site in Mozilla Firefox by standard means, you will have to resort to the help of a specialized BlockSite plug-in, in which you can make lists of sites that will not be allowed to open in the browser.


As a more experienced and sophisticated user of Mozilla Firefox, web browsing in this browser can be completely transformed thanks to the Greasemonkey add-on, which allows you to use custom scripts on any website.

Classic theme restorer

Not all users are happy with the new Mozilla Firefox browser interface, which has removed the handy and functional menu button that was previously in the upper left corner of the browser.

The Classic Theme Restorer plugin will not only allow you to recover the old browser design, but also customize the look to your liking thanks to a large number of customizations.

Magic Actions for YouTube

If you are an avid YouTube user, the Magic Actions for YouTube plugin will greatly enhance the functionality of the popular video service.

By installing this extension, you will have a comfortable YouTube video player, a large number of functions to customize the appearance of the site and the reproduction of videos, the possibility of saving the frames of the videos on your computer and much more.

Trusted network

In order for Internet browsing to be safe, the reputation level of the websites must be controlled.

If a site has a bad reputation, it will almost certainly end up on a scam site. To monitor the reputation of sites, use the Web Of Trust plugin.


On the Internet we find a large number of interesting articles that, sometimes, it is not possible to study at once. In these cases, the Pocket plug-in for Mozilla Firefox, which allows you to save web pages to read them later comfortably, can help.

These are not all useful plugins for Firefox. Tell us your favorite plugins in the comments.

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